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In regard to your data analytics requirements, Oak Consulting unlocks the insight to improve operational efficiency and fuel growth. We provide analytics solutions to support today's needs and tomorrow's inevitable changes.
Our solutions serve organizations of all sizes and industries, while providing flexibility to meet a full spectrum of requirements and fit with any deployment environment.
Solutions for Every Business
With rising costs, population growth and ever-changing regulatory demands, healthcare providers require an analytics solution that is flexible enough to integrate clinical, patient, financial and operational data sources for insightful decision.
Institutions finding insights in data for questions relating to their mission is essential. In the new era of big data, Oak Consulting will assist Institutions in finding answers quickly across student management, curriculum planning as a less challenging task.
Retail and F&B
Our solutions help leading retailers manage their huge data sources to gain greater visibility into their customers, product sales, and suppliers. The analytics improve their operational efficiency, marketing effectiveness and financial performance.
Airport Management
Air Transport Hub management of vast data from Passenger Manifest, Products and Services, Retail and eCommerce, Loyalty Program, Passenger and Cargo Services, requires a unified platform that provides the insights in supporting an Advance Passenger Journey Experience Analytics. 
Shipping and Energy
Oak Consulting helps leading Shipping and Energy services providers to gain greater visibility into their fleet operations, customers, product sales, and suppliers management to improve their operational safety, financial performance in reducing costs and maximize profits.
 Business Services
Our unified platform of data integration and analytics provides the flexibilty, extensibility and scalability to meet the needs of both IT and business users, supporting the broadest set of roles, use case requirements and data types for Business Services Providers. 
Client-centric analytics offers users the visibility to their clients buying patterns and profiles. Oak Consulting CRM Analytics taking data from Loyalty Programs or Enterprise CRM Salesforce with the objectives of improving the clients overall buying experience.
We provide Financial Analytics taking data from your Financial Systems with the ability for Financial Consolidation and Statutory Reporting features. We also provide Management Accounting Analytics in Budgeting, Planning and Forecasting. 
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