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End-to-end migration of Data Warehouse and Tableau Servers that adheres to best-practice environments.


E2E Data Warehouse &

Tableau Server Migration

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Our specialty lies in dealing with huge and complex data sets, providing operational analytics supported by data mining, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.


We specialize in industries such as Healthcare, Education and the Public Sector as we navigate them through highly strict and secure data management requirements like building on Government Commercial Cloud (GCC) in Singapore, on AWS.


Our team thrives in delivering enterprise-class, full life cycle solutions from strategy through to the implementation stage.

From Strategy to Implementation:

Requirement Analysis:

Ensure project outcome aligns to business goal.

Architecture Definition & Design:

Define workload architecture in the new environment.


Build and test
components functionality.

Migrate & Deploy:

Prepare and perform migration. 

Our Suite Of Offerings

Data Management

  • Data Governance

  • Data Architecture Analysis

  • Data Security

  • Data Integration

  • Data Warehousing

Digital Transformation Consultancy

  • Partnering with your organization to create new or adapt existing workflows through digital technologies

  • Meet business and market requirements according to culture, and customer experiences

Cloud Migration

Comprehensive migration from on-prem to:

  • AWS
    [AWS Select Tier Services Partner]​

  • Government Commercial Cloud (GCC) [AWS Public Sector Partner]

  • Government Private Cloud (GPC) workloads

Full Tableau
Consulting Practice

  • Tableau Premier Partner

  • Tableau Licensing

  • Tableau Consulting Services

  • Tableau Training

  • Tableau Server Installation & Post Support

Data Science &
Artificial Intelligence

  • Enterprise-scale AI solutions

  • Optimises operations, boosts efficiency and increases productivity for demanding industries such as Utilities and Healthcare

  • Hybrid AI solutions for both Non-Symbolic AI and human-like reasoning Cognitive AI

Data Analytics

Enable customer to see and understand their data, thus making timely and sound business decision:

  • What Happened?

  • Why It Happened?

  • What is going to happen?

  • Actions to be taken?

Our Suite Of Offerings

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As governments in Southeast Asia increasingly embrace digitalisation,

how can they tap on data management, analytics, and AI to drive citizen centricity?


GovInsider speaks to D Manoranjan, VP Engineering Beyond Limits APAC:

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