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Data services for all businesses


Beyond Limits takes a holistic approach in delivering our services. We support the entire implementation journey - from prototypes, data management, dashboard visualization development to technical support.  
Our complete portfolio of data management and project implementation services help companies and their people to see and understand their data.
Successful Manager
Data Management
Data Management is the implementation of policies and procedures that put organizations in control of their business data regardless of where it resides. Data Governance, Data Architecture Analysis and Design, Data Security, Data Quality, Master Data, Data Integration, Data Warehousing are topics and areas of specialization in Data Management services that Beyond Limits provides.
Big Data and Predictive Analytics
Beyond Limits provides services covering Big Data sources that are complex and unstructured. Topics and areas of specialization cover data architecture, data volume and data types that are different to traditional data. Predictive Analytics using machine learning approaches form part of our artificial intelligence research area for business applications development. 
Professional Services
We provide end-to-end implementation services from Project Management, Project Conceptutalization, User Specification Design, Technical Development, Training, Testing and System Commisioning to Post Support. Hybrid Approach; Scrum Agile - Ralph Kimball Implementation Methodology.
Data Cloud
Data Visualization
Data visualization makes insights come alive with impact and communicates complex ideas simple. Expressive visualization enables you to get beyond static charts to create multi-faceted views of data and explore every dimension.
Resource Augmentation
We provide one possible advantage of this staffing approach with our outsourced services and contract resources. IT staff augmentation services entail allocation of dedicated technical resources, usually offshore, hired as overseas development extensions of in-house application development teams on fixed or flexible terms and conditions.
Cloud Computing Services
Cloud Solutions provider for AWS, GCP, and Azure in Singapore and regionally. We provide advisory to cloud computing Big Data solutions. 
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