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Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG) Pre-approved Solutions Vendor

Adopt Beyond Limits’ pre-approved data analytics solutions for preschool centre operations with grant support.

Our data analytics solutions will bring many benefits to preschool centre operators by enhancing preschool centres’ operations. It should enable preschool centre operators to harness the power of data to better plan, manage and improve preschool environment and service quality. In addition, enjoy grant support up to 70% of the implementation cost!

Image by Emily Morter

Data Analytics as a Digital Solution

Finance Management 

Parent Management

Centre Operations 

Health & Safety Management

Staff Management

What we offer

The Tableau Visualization Starter Packs 1 and 2 we offer include Tableau Creator, Explorer and Viewer licenses, professional services such as Dashboard maintenance support and Tableau training. As part of the package, we will also develop a dashboard that displays up to 4 data sources provided by the pre-school centre operators.

Image by Pietro Jeng

Reach out to us

For more information, book your free consultation with our consultants today to find out more about what Tableau can do to ease your centre operations! Contact us at today.

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